Star Trek: Picard – Let’s Talk About Jean-Luc’s Parietal Lobe!

Star Trek: Picard – Let’s Talk About Jean-Luc’s Parietal Lobe!

Spoilers follow for Star Trek: Picard Episode 2, which just called back to a major plot point from The Next Generation.

Jean-Luc Picard insulted by Data

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Picard, Sisko and Janeway – The Hidden Meaning Behind Star Trek’s Great Captains

Star Trek experienced an unprecedented Golden Age in the mid-90’s, and Michael Swaim has a hunch as to why. Underlying some of the greatest captains ever to grace Starfleet – Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko and Kathryn Janeway – is a secret formula that dates back to some of mankind’s earliest understandings of ethics. Because, in the end, what sets Star Trek apart is its obsession with “doing the right thing,” and humankind’s potential for goodness in the face of a vast and often cruel universe. But how can there be more than one way to do the right thing? How can three awesome Star trek captains disagree and still all be “the good guy?” The answer speaks to the essence of right and wrong and it’s what this dang video’s all about. So engage and energize and warp on in here, because it’s time to get philosophical in the Captain’s Quarters!


Remembrance – S01E01 – Five By Five Takes’ Picard Guide

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How PICARD Manipulates Others | STAR TREK

After watching the new series Picard, I ‘ve come to realize that Admiral Jean Luc Picard, despite being a great hero of humanity, is a highly manipulative person. So today we are going to break down his behavior in interacting with other people and look at his attempts to influence and control people.



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