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  • Title: Defending Dark Heart: Part 2
  • Year:
  • Duration: unknown
  • Rating: 6,6
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Family

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Summary Defending Dark Heart: Part 2 ()

J.B., Kaitlinand Percy manage to escape being crushed by giant spikes in Grimlord’s Virtual Dungeon. Dark Heart, about to be executed by Grimlord’s Mutants, uses TOXOID as a shield and escapes while Ryan fights Skugs. Ryan takes Dark Heart, who has been injured in his escape, to the lab for repairs. J.B. and Kaitlin join them and the three learn that Dark Heart is indeed Ryan’s father. However, Dark Heart has been so thoroughly programmed, he can’t remember he was once Tyler Steel. The Professor transfers some of Ryan’s childhood memories to Dark Heart/Tyler in an attempt to undo some brainwashing. It is successful, but Tyler decides to return to virtual reality. Until he can regain his humanity, he’ll remain just another one of Grimlord’s mutants. Ryan goes after him and together they decide to face Grimlord.

Synopsis Defending Dark Heart: Part 2 ()

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