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  • Title: Defending Dark Heart: Part 1
  • Year:
  • Duration: unknown
  • Rating: 6,9
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Family

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Summary Defending Dark Heart: Part 1 ()

The Troopers and Professor Hart discover that one of Grimlord’s mutants actually possesses human DNA! They learn that there is a hole in the Reality Barrier and that it is guarded by the mutant with the human DNA. Ryan volunteers to face this mutant, Dark Heart, and attempt to repair the hole. The two begin to fight and Percy, who has been all but forgotten, sees them and takes their pictures. However, before Percy is able to leave the scene, he is captured by Skugs and thrown into Grimlord’s Virtual Dungeon. Ryan wins the fight with Dark Heart, and the mutant begs to be destroyed. Ryan refuses to do this, because he suspects that this mutant is really his father, Tyler Steel, the only human known to be trapped in virtual reality. Dark Heart returns to Grimlord and is sentenced to a virtual termination. Meanwhile, J.B. and Kaitlin search for Percy and are sucked into the Virtual Dungeon. The chamber is lined in spikes and the walls are slowly coming together – threatening to crush the three kids.

Synopsis Defending Dark Heart: Part 1 ()

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