Watch One Dark Night/Queen of the Road () Online Free Download

Watch One Dark Night/Queen of the Road () Online Free Movie Download

  • Title: One Dark Night/Queen of the Road
  • Year:
  • Duration: unknown
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  • Genres: Documentary

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Summary One Dark Night/Queen of the Road ()

One Dark Night It happens so easily. A dark night, a quiet street, a couple of people out walking … a young driver going a little faster than he should be and suddenly there’s a terrible accident. It happened in Northern New South Wales on December 21, four years ago. It left one of the pedestrians dead and the other one seriously brain damaged. The driver was 20 year old Andrew Laing, a “kind, thoughtful young man” who’d never before given his parents any worry or concern. Andrew pleaded guilty to culpable driving. The judge sentenced him to 400 hours community service. He said ..”simply it was one of those regrettable and tragic accidents that occurred through circumstances.” Andrew was stricken with remorse and depression. “I thought what was the good of living. I was very reckless. I thought well I’ve killed people so I deserve to die and I just went through that torment for years. One night after a party, his girlfriend caught him out with another girl. He climbed out on to the balcony of her flat to escape detection but, he slipped and fell four storeys, sustaining serious head injuries. He was not expected to live. In a deep coma, he underwent what he says was a near death experience. He believes he “saw” Margaret, the woman he’d killed, and that she forgave him and told him to return and get on with his life. At around the same time, doctors noticed a remarkable improvement in his brain scans. Against all their expectations Andrew made an unusually quick and almost total recovery. But his life now has taken a totally different direction. PLUS: Queen of the Road Carlotta was the first and the best Queen of the Desert. Leading lady of the infamous revue Les Girls, Carlotta honed her skills in the bars and clubs of Kings Cross. While admitting she may have stayed too long in Sydney, today, Carlotta can be found taking her troupe across Australia. Australian Story catches up with Carlotta and her colourful retinue on their way to outback Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

Synopsis One Dark Night/Queen of the Road ()

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