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  • Title: Doragon Hafu
  • Year:
  • Duration: unknown
  • Rating: 7,4
  • Genres: Comedy, Animation, Short

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Summary Doragon Hafu ()

Mink is the love-child of a dragon and a dragon-slayer. Mink and her friends have very weird adventures on Mink’s quest to be human. The story is unique because the art style constantly switches between normal proportions and super-deformed proportions.

Mink, the daughter of a human father and a dragon mother, tries to live life as a more or less average teenage girl. It’s not an easy feat when, at any given moment, any one of many different dragon slayers, from the king’s jealous daughter to Mink’s favorite pop star, confronts Mink in hilarious attempts to see that she doesn’t live another day.

Synopsis Doragon Hafu ()

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