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  • Title: Lost Music
  • Year: 2014
  • Duration: unknown
  • Rating:
  • Genres: Drama, Short, Family

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Summary Lost Music (2014)

Lost Music is the story of Roxanne, an older, still beautiful woman (played by multiple Emmy-winner Barbara Bain) who, struggling with Alzheimer’s, is spun back in time by an all day tribute playing on the radio. The tribute is for a musician, Luc Carreau, who has just died. Roxanne had an affair with Luc 40 years ago, while married, but she had given him up for the sake of her family. Now, all these years later, her loving and devoted husband, Lawrence, must re-witness his wife’s love for this other man, as she moves increasingly into the past in her mind, even to the point of confusing him with Luc. But for the sake of his wife, Lawrence makes a choice.

Lost Music is a meditation on the effects of Alzheimer’s on not only the sufferer, but on the closest loved one. Multi Emmy award-winner Barbara Bain stars as a woman caught in a confusion between a long ago love affair and her present reality with her devoted husband.

Synopsis Lost Music (2014)

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